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The Defense Production Act Committee (DPAC) is an interagency body, established in 2009, to advise the President of the United States on DPA authorities and policies to ensure timely availability and delivery of industrial resources to meet national security needs. A core mission of the DPAC Executive Secretariat is to provide overall policy guidance and execution of the Title III authorities.

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Click here to download the 2012 Defense Production Act Title III Brochure (.pdf)
The Defense Production Act Committee

The Defense Production Act Committee (DPAC) is comprised of the heads of federal departments and agencies.  This serves as a multi-departmental forum to identify risks and shortfalls in the industrial base and make recommendation on actions to rectify them, including the use of DPA Title III authorities. DPAC's Executive Secretariat is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy staff that supports such activities on behalf of the DPAC Chairman, facilitates inter-agency coordination, manages the execution of DPAC driven industrial base assessments, manages the DPA Fund, and oversees the execution of Title III activities. If risks identified by its assessment require substantial budgetary transfers to fund DPA Title III activities, the Executive Secretariat may, at times, recommend that the DPAC engage the Executive Office of the President to ensure that adequate resources are available for mitigation efforts.  Executive Secretariat coordination among other departments and agencies may include liaison with the National Economic Council, the National Security Council staff, or both.

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