Defense Production Act
Title III

Opportunities & Building Blocks

Requests for Information (RFI):

The Title III Program periodically uses a Request For Information (RFI) announcement, published through the FedBizOpps website: as a tool to provide industry the opportunity to identify critical technology and industrial base needs.

In the RFI, the Air Force, as Executive Agent for the Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III Program, invites industry to provide information on potential topics for the DPA Title III Program. Industry responses to the RFI are then assessed and may assist in identifying potential future Title III actions. Responding to the RFI is a significant undertaking, as the information requested is detailed and lengthy.

Industry responses facilitate Title III discussions with Program Executive Officers, Program Managers, and others in the government with a stake in essential production capacity.

The Title III Program has not identified a specific need or timetable for a possible RFI cycle in the near future, but interested companies may wish to be watching the DPA Title III website for news related to upcoming RFI publications.

Candidate Guidelines:

Candidate projects are evaluated in terms of DPA criteria for Title III projects: 1. The industrial resource or critical technology item is essential to the national defense; and 2. Without Presidential action under the Title III authority, United States industry cannot reasonably be expected to provide the capability for the needed industrial resource, material, or critical technology item in a timely manner.


Attend the Defense Manufacturing Conference to discuss Title III opportunities in more depth. Each year, the DPA Title III Program participates in the Defense Manufacturing Conference, usually held in early December. The Program has an exhibit at the Conference, as do many of the Title III contractors. This Conference provides a unique opportunity for individual discussions with program officials and Title III industry partners who can answer any questions you may have about the Program.

For immediate questions, please visit our contacts page for more information.

*There is no guarantee that any submitted topic will become a Title III project, and responders to the RFI will have no competitive advantage in receiving awards related to the submitted topic area. The information submitted in all responses may be utilized to help the Government further define its requirements. If the Government develops a Title III project that addresses any submitted or similar topic, the resulting procurement will address technology and business specific requirements as defined by the Government to achieve Title III objectives.